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After-School All-Stars shine at Waianae Intermediate School

Posted May 21, 2013 by Pat in Education

The  After-School All-Stars of Waianae Intermediate School shine, as their name suggests, after a successful season with wins in  two major  tournaments – the Special Olympics Unified Softball competition in April and the After-School All-Stars Sports Showdown in May. These games are held island-wide on Oahu and involve other public middle schools and intermediate schools. Kaipo Hanakeawe, their Site Coordinator, names the seven schools which they had to defeat to claim the Sports Showdown championship: “We went up against these schools by winning basketball, soccer, and softball games – Jarrett Intermediate, Washington Middle, Dole Middle, Central Middle, Kalakaua Intermediate, King Intermediate, and Nanakuli Intermediate.” Working with Hanakeawe is the new Student Advisory Board Representative Jonah Pelenato. He will be an eighth grader and will play a key role in the island-wide All-Star student government body which meets monthly. He replaces Jeffrey Jones, representative for the 2012-2013 school year.

Although the emphasis was on sports this year, Hanakeawe says students were able to participate in other after-school activities along with these sports: tackle football, girls volleyball, boys baseball, girls fast pitch softball, co-ed wrestling, martial arts, zumba, cheerleading, archery, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, boys flag football, bocce (Italian lawn bowling), pre-med, graffiti art, cooking, crafts, tutoring, and field trips. These programs are offered to keep middle school youth safe and help them succeed in school and life by providing sports, cultural and community enrichment opportunities. Over 350 students participated in this year’s activities. Hanakeawe works with a staff of 35 people made up of teachers, parents, community members, and high school students, and he meets with students seven days a week.

On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, a celebration or Ho`ike  will be held for the families and friends of students who participated in the after-school programs. Food and entertainment will be provided by students, parents, and staff.  The school’s All-Stars program started during the school year 2011-2012 and is part of a national nonprofit organization.

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Pat Pang (Nozaki) is a retired DOE secondary school teacher who taught school in Waianae for almost 40 years. She has served the community as a member of the Waianae Neighborhood Board and as a delegate to the 1978 Hawaii State Constitutional Convention. She was raised on the Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead and resided in Waianae during her years as a teacher.


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