Ewa Neighborhood Board approves community projects in July 2013


Ewa Neighborhood Board approves community projects in July 2013

The Ewa Neighborhood Board conducted a productive meeting on July 2, 2013, approving various upcoming projects in the area. One proposal was presented by Les Young who described Mobi PCS plans for installing an 80-foot antenna on the southwest corner of the Ewa Makai Middle School property along Coral Sea Road. The school’s principal, Ed Oshiro, has endorsed the project, which will expand the company’s service in the area. Mobi will compensate the school for leasing the area and will contribute 50% of any rent paid by other carriers who use the pole. When questioned about radiation emission from the antenna, Young confirmed that the pole will emit small traces of radiation, but this will not affect the school or students because the antenna is situated at a high altitude.

Another project that the board approved is the Hawaiian Railroad Society’s plan to construct a building for the Lionel Toy Train Exhibit. The organization is requesting a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Major to build a 1280-square foot, single-story structure, modeled after the Aiea and Waipahu train stations that existed during the plantation era. Because the proposal has received historical designation but is located in the R-5 and Ag-1 zones, the society sought the board’s support for the new building. The board also heard the proposal for a Gentry Homes Community Park CUP Minor which addresses a land parcel located at the corner of Keanui Drive and Kapolei Parkway in A-1 zoning. The Neighborhood Board unanimously approved all of the three projects.

Other concerns were discussed at the meeting. The board was informed that the Ewa Beach Lions Club had been maintaining the Ewa Cemetery. The club found it difficult to clean the property after heavy rains caused the thick growth of grass and weeds. The City recently acquired the area three months ago and is determining how to maintain it now.  Other news concerned the developer Haseko who plans to build a comfort station at the District Park and build a recreational lagoon instead of a marina, which would be open to the public. Haseko is also constructing a new access way to Oneula Beach Park and plans to transfer it to the City upon completion.

Councilman Ron Menor reported that funding for restoring Bus Route-E has been included in the City budget requests. In addition, he announced that $500,000 has been allocated in the budget for immediate repairs to dilapidated homes in Varona Village. It was noted that the current lessees and residents are not the original dwellers and have neglected to maintain the properties, knowing they will never own them. Recalling that past funds for repairs were never fully recovered, Menor noted that a small portion has been found, but it is unlikely all funds can be traced.

The Ewa Neighborhood Board will hold its next meeting on Thursday, July 11, 2013, at the Ewa Beach Public and School Library at 7:00 P.M.  The library is located at 91-950 North Road, Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96707.  The public is welcome to attend and voice their concerns and opinions.


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