Winners of Family “N” Friends Fishing Tournament 2014


Here are the winners in the annual Family “N” Friends Fishing Tournament that was held on May 17, 2014 in Waianae, Hawaii.


Team: #21


Captain :Kalani Nu’uanu

Winner of the Total Weight Class of 445 lb.

also Largest Mahi Class 27.6

Family N Friends 2014 - Winners 1Family N Friends 2014 - Winners 2Family N Friends 2014 - Winners 3

2nd Class

This is the largest Marlin class Winner. This was an all-women team in our tournament and showed the men up with their marlin weighing in at 266.6 lb.

Team: #14

Boat: Jon-Jo

Captain: Monica Maneafaiga

Family N Friends 2014 - 2nd Class 1Family N Friends 2014 - 2nd Class 2

3rd Class

This is the largest Ahi class. With the Ahi weighing in at 167.2 lb.

Team: #25

Boat: Night Nurse

Captain: Randy Pono Napierala

Family N Friends 2014 - 3rd Class 1Family N Friends 2014 - 3rd Class 2

4th Class

Largest Ono class. This Ono weight in 25.2

Team: #7

Boat: Jeanette

Captain: `Johnny Mize

Family N Friends 2014 - 4th Class


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