Take that Race Car out of Storage?


Hawaii has had a race track on Oahu in the past. Until 2009 the Hawaii Raceway Park (HRP) existed at Campbell Industrial Park, and there were many positive features about it. The Hawaii International Racing School (HIRS) existed on one end of the raceway. HIRS attracted international visitors, especially from Japan due to their keen interest with racing, with a day of instruction and racing in real race cars; Oahu can attract these visitors again if a race track is built. Motorcycle events, such as those held by the Hawaii Road Racing Association (HRRA) allowed Oahu riders to utilize their sport bikes and develop their riding skills to their fullest in a safe and controlled environment; while HRRA events allowed motorcycle racers a venue for expressing their “need for speed,” it also stimulated motorcycle sales. HRP also had a well maintained go-kart track as well as a dirt track for cars and bikes alike. But the best known feature of HRP was the drag strip; it provided all weekend racing to the public as well as many annual events; drag racing was the economic foundation of many local businesses and increased the revenues of many peripheral business, all of which we can enjoy again if a new track is built. Finally, it had the opportunity to increase public safety and reduce accidents and deaths due to illegal high speed motor vehicle displays because a safe and controlled facility was available for these applications.

West Oahu has another opportunity to provide local motorsports enthusiasts a safe professional track. Moreover, it has the potential to stimulate our economy by hosting larger motorsports events, and by increasing motor vehicle sales and the repair business. The Neighborhood Board representing Makakilo, Kapolei, and Honokai Hale will meet this week to discuss a proposal to build a racetrack on Navy land that is eligible for preservation. House Bill (HB) 1329-HD2 will make this plan possible. There will be comments and discussion presented by the State Attorney General’s Office, and the general public is welcome to listen and participate during the meeting. Participants may support or oppose the proposal during the discussion. The Neighborhood Board No. 34 meeting will be held on Friday, March 20, 2015, at Makakilo Elementary School, 92-675 Anipeahi Street, 7:00 – 10:00 P.M.


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