17th annual Ahi Fever Fish-n-Tournament big winners


Team #113 is the big winner at the 17th annual Ahi Fever Fish-n-Tournament on June 14-15, 2014.  Carol Pohina, corresponding secretary of the Waianae Fishing Boat Club that sponsors this event, shares what happened on that memorable weekend:

“Little did Joshua Sr. know that his lucky charm son, Joshua Jr., would help him snag the big winning Ahi. That Ahi was hooked early morning, and Joshua Jr. knew after the 18-minute fight that this was the winner! Joshua Sr. has been fishing in Ahi Fever since he was a young man with his dad. This was his 9th time as captain while it was his son’s first time at sea. Joshua Sr. has placed before in Ahi Fever but never like this. A great Father’s Day for this father and son team! Congratulations to Joshua Soares Sr., Joshua Soares Jr., Branson Ah Chong, and Jason & Chris Kornegay.

On a side note, Joshua went on to fish on Friday in the Hanapa`a Jackpot competition (June 20-21) and caught a 174-pound Ahi that placed him in 1st place for Friday only. He dropped to 4th place on Saturday.

Another side note is that his brother Joseph Soares III brought up a huge 701-pound Marlin on June 27 using a lure that  Joshua made. At first, Joseph & Sheldon Simon thought it was an Ahi until it started jumping and doing summersaults 20 feet away from the boat. It took them an hour and 15 minutes to boat this big fish , and they called the Waianae Boat Fishing Club to get it weighted. Congrats guys, braggin’ rights well deserved!”


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