A Call To Change School Attitudes.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

There was once a time when dangerous people could be committed to institutions involuntarily so they could not harm themselves or others. Thanks to such Hollywood idiocy as “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” and a power corrupted judiciary hell bent on protecting the “rights” of felons and crazy people, the duty if judges to foster the safety of the citizenry at large was tossed into the toilet … and now we are on the verge of an every man for himself free for all slugfest.

Much of the mess we are in is the result of several generation of public school teachers who were never taught how or what to teach, much less maintain good order and discipline in the classroom. Instead, under the corrupt influence of the dope saturated cry baby boom whiners who have convulsed a once competent system of public education, they now treat typical boyish high jinks like a disease that would only respond to — what else? — dope. Since that time we have seen an overwhelming number of primarily boys who have been numbed by dope so they would not cause “problems” in the classroom of a teacher who doesn’t know squat about classroom management.

Boys have been and are being feminized in “risk free, bully free” learning environments. In my day the way to stop bullies was to confront them and if need be attempt to land a well thrown punch in the face. It was by no means a risk free tactic (as I found out on more than one occasion) but bullies by nature are gutless and will frequently back down if challenged (I found that out, too).

Back then risk was a part of life and if we acquired a few scrapes and lacerations — and lathered on the mercuricrome — during the course of playing/fighting, that was only to be expected….especially in the case of boys. Back then no one cared diddly about our so called “self esteem”, but parents and teachers were constantly advocating “self control” as the key to growing up.

Needless to say the draft dodging, flag burning, dope smoking, self pitying cry baby boomers have spent what may laughingly be called their pathetic “lives” running away from every vestige of self control and personal responsibility. For them “if it FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS good, do it” …. and to hell with the consequences. Well right now we are living the consequences that the cry baby boomers yoked onto a once decent society.

As for any mention of the Bible, God was ejected from the classroom half a century ago and increasingly from all public places. Those who like to call themselves “Christian” better get used to the idea of being under increasingly vicious attack by those who despise and fear them, because they are destined for eradication if they do not fight back on behalf of the faith in which they CLAIM to believe.


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