Be Cautious During Season Of Comfort And Joy


“Peace on earth, good will toward men…” So the saying goes during our Christmas season. It is a time of peace and joy to many at home and abroad who celebrate the holidays. But despite this yuletide spirit, we live in uncertain times. Let us not forget the dangers that surround us in our daily lives. Unforeseen danger lurks everywhere, even in our homes.  It is wise to check and recheck all sources that are potentially destructive and fatal. To avoid fires, accidents and damage, your home should be secured in every way possible. First of all, electric outlets and circuits should be maintained and examined frequently to avoid fires and sparks. It is a good time to set rat traps as rodents can chew your electrical wires. Second, a fire extinguisher placed in a central area of the house is important, and smoke alarms are also good additions. Finally, matches, lighters, and flammable liquids should be kept out of children’s reach.

Outside of the home innumerable things can happen to hurt you. Foremost in mind, driving while using a cell phone on the road poses a danger. Texting and talking usually distract a driver and cause many errors such as turning the wrong way or running a stoplight. Another unpredictable situation involves pedestrians who cross a street without pausing at the curb to look for oncoming cars. Many pedestrians believe that they have the right of way and that cars automatically will notice them and stop. It can be dangerous if the driver does not expect them to cross. The West Side of Oahu is swamped with homeless people and drug addicts who directly or indirectly cause home invasions, robberies, hijackings, and assaults. It is wise to carry a cell phone if an emergency arises. Most importantly, be sure to secure your doors and windows with locks wherever possible.

We live during a time when caution and precautions are necessary in our daily lives. State and national security are a concern for us Hawaiians who are isolated in the Pacific Ocean. We must be vigil in noticing suspicious activities, things, and people. Because criminals and terrorists never rest, we should be alert at all times. Hawaii serves as a crossroad of the Pacific dealing with a heavy flow of visitors arriving from and leaving for Far East and West Coast destinations. Tourists, businessmen and immigrants, who  are a part of the crowd, can create dangerous circumstances.  Even in our neighborhoods, do not take things for  granted, thinking there is good will among men. Nevertheless, we must strive to lead a happy life despite all its unpleasant and inconvenient conditions. Let us commend the police and firemen who keep watch over us to ensure our peace and tranquility.  Our men in the military service also shoulder that responsibility for us and deserve our praise. Let us do our part to keep the peace at home.


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