Does GOP stand for Gutless Obsequious Pussycats?


Republicans do a LOUSY job of sticking up for their core constituents. Evidence? Look at the divide and conquer success the current occupant of the White House has enjoyed in his efforts to demonize the wealth — and private sector job — creators in this country with his unending game of class envy and zero sum game propaganda.

Don’t get me wrong: wealthy folks in America do not need someone as far down the economic food chain as yours truly to defend them. They would not have EARNED their wealth without LEARNING how to sidestep a few landmines, but counting on the GOP to advance their interests in the halls of power inside the beltway just now is a fool’s game and most of the well heeled in this country have been given more than ample reason to know it. They are on their own and they know that too.

They are not the authors of this game – a game in which their elected “representatives” are given to understand from their first day in office, their prime directive is to start raising money and all else is secondary – but they will play the hands they have been dealt with all the skill they command…and being well heeled they have a lot of aces to play. For example, if you have the wherewithal to buy or rent a Senator or Congressman, it is not surprising you would try to rig the hideously convoluted tax code to provide a few breaks for your company rather than let it be regulated to death.

And who is responsible for this wretched state of affairs? Hint: find the nearest mirror. NONE of this mess would have developed had it not been for the benign neglect of those who SHOULD be calling the shots when it comes to putting hired hands into political office: YOU and ME, bub, …. and all our fellow “sovereign” citizens ….. a great many of whom do not even bother to vote.

You’ll get no argument from me in support of the Republican East Coast establishment. Unless a scorched earth RINO extermination campaign is undertaken in the near future, the GOP will cease to exist. In this context Speaker Boehner’s recent hint of gonad resurrection in telling the current occupant of the White House to go pound sand — and accept the sequestration that HE himself embraced rather than raise taxes another dime — is cause for very limited optimism, but any optimism springing from what has so recently resembled the death rattle of a dying GOP pachyderm is cause for hope.

So what is my definition of victory? When the GOP embraces a fighting spirit sufficient to win some nasty political battles to achieve opportunities for [1] middle class entrepreneurs to make the difficult transition to lead large profitable corporations [2] less affluent worker bees and even entry level folk to realistically dream of embarking on their own start up companies and [3] breaking the back of the wholly owned DNC subsidiary known as NEA and destroy its choke hold on dysfunctional (especially urban) schools that are wiping out educational achievement for generation after generation of kids trapped in the cycle of poverty.

That, to put it mildly, is one hell of a lot on the GOP plate, but that is the fight they must undertake and the victories they must win if the Republic is to be saved from the mercies of a self described “citizen of the world” who was raised to hate America ….. and who now sits in the White House cleverly spinning his web of destruction according to some imaginary “dreams” from his equally imaginary “father”.


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