Illegal Hawaii Kai sludge and solar projects hold Waianae Neighborhood attention


The illegal dumping of Hawaii Kai sludge was the dominant topic at the regular meeting of the Waianae Neighborhood Board on February 4, 2014. Gary Gill, Acting Director of the  State Department of Health, reported that the dredged material on Waianae property from the Hawaii Kai Marina was found to be non-hazardous to the residents and not a threat to their drinking water. He cited Waianae’s low rainfall and the absence of water resources nearby as reasons for this conclusion. Despite this finding, he advocated the removal of the substance because of its  high salt content which is “100 times to 500 times saltier” than the native soil where it was dumped. He explained that the salt will bind with the soil to make it difficult to raise crops. Because there is no method to remove the salt  from the dredged material, the sludge should be removed.

William Aila Jr., Director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, reported that the owner of the property has not asked for an alternate site to move the sludge, and the project to move it is on hold due to the PVT Landfill’s reluctance to accept the material. PVT Landfill explained that the sludge will adversely affect the preservation of the length of the landfill. Aila added that two ocean disposal sites in Hawaii Kai are available for this material. George Atta, Director of the City Department of Planning and Permitting, reported that the property’s owner has been fined daily since November 2013 for violations in moving the material. Current fines total $7,200.

The next regular meeting of the Neighborhood Board, to be held on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, will feature several solar power projects. Under New Business there will be a solar farm presentation by Eurus Energy America Corporation concerning 200 acres behind Uluwehi. In addition, Johnnie-Mae Perry, the board’s chairperson, will report about the Hawaiian Electric Company’s photovoltaic project next to its Kahe Generating Plant concerning a 15-megawatt project. Perry will also discuss NEXTERA Energy’s proposal for a 75-acre solar farm located on property of David Wong.

Also up for discussion at the March meeting will be “Important Marijuana Facts,” presented by Officer Jody Willard, and the quarterly presentation by Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center. The meeting will be held at the Waianae District Park, Multi-Purpose Room, 85-601 Farrington Highway, 7 P.M.-9:30 P.M. The public is invited to participate in discussion and ask questions.


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