Major Tragedy And Disgrace – Iwi Kupuna at Ewa Plantation Cemetery!


Millions of bucks thrown around and away, but the City owned Ewa Plantation Cemetery is nearly completely neglected and tombstones knocked down and broken.

This is a BROKEN TRUST with the Ewa Plantation Community and their rich cultural heritage that the IWI KUPUNA there are treated with such disrespect and only a handful of occasional volunteers can keep some of the grass trimmed away.

There is very historic and important plantation immigrant cultural stories here and the City has done NOTHING for this place. With the tons of money thrown around for other favored city and political projects, you might think they could care a LITTLE BIT about these very old Iwi Kupuna graves.

More records can be found at:


  1. Hi John,

    Even if the City doesn’t care. WE DO! I grew up in Ewa and it saddens me to see it in the state that its in. Mitchell, Kurt, the Lions club, and my family try to do clean ups and it’s such a large amount of area to cover with the few people that actually show up to help.

    Our family will be out there on Saturday June 15 from 8 am to work on this beautification project. I hope to see you and many others there too. Aloha, Maria

  2. I would love to help with upkeep of this cemetery! I often drive by during the weekday just wanting to pull over and clean up a little. I have a love for old cemeteries.

    • aloha..I don’t have known kupuna or otherwise interred here, (not that I know of) but my in-laws were born n raised in the Ewa area…would you know of any historical info we can look into and if there’s a name list for those resting here? we do have many family members interested. Just the mere idea that their birthplace is in Ewa is good enough to motivate people…mahalo.


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