Nanakuli-Maile Neighborhood Nixes Beach Businesses


Illegal commercial tour activities was discussed in depth at the 2017  May meeting of the Nanakuli-Maile Neighborhood Board.  The board members support the ban on all commercial recreational activities from Kaena Point to Kahe Beach.  The City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) confirmed that only permits for commercial swimming and surfing and for commercial scuba and snorkeling are issued.  Furthermore, permittees shall not be allowed to set up shop in any City Beach Park; soliciting is prohibited  within any beach park; and permittees shall be required to present their permit when requested by a City authority or a police officer.

Board member Patty Teruya inquired about the on-going business of Holo Moana Tours that operates out of Kalanianaole Beach Park using a facility that is City-owned.  The DPR responded by stating the Holo Moana Tours does not operate on park property at Kalanianaole Beach Park.  They operate on the ocean which is under the jurisdiction of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Concerned citizens who support the ban voiced various reasons for their stand.  Some of these concerns were:

  • Tour companies would bring in large buses that will take up parking space which is presently insufficient for local residents.
  • Because residents currently clean up beaches on their own, they fear tourists will not do the same.
  • Residents believe tourists will ruin the land and reefs.  For example, when the illegal tour companies come to Mermaid Caves, they bring their own ladders, and tourists walk on the reefs.
  • The community is largely a Hawaiian Homes community that feels tourists impinge on their lands.


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