Resolve To Beat The Blahs In 2015


Are you tired of renewing your new year’s resolution to lose weight? to eat healthy foods? to exercise more? Here are some resolutions to make you happy and beat the blahs this year. These resolutions are sure to provide some excitement in your life. Choose any five of the following to make your life more meaningful.

  • Learn a second language like Chinese or Korean to meet our tourists from Asia.  Spanish and Filipino are also helpful ones to deal with romantic encounters.
  • Get a companion to do things with you, such as shopping, dining, and going to the library!
  • Rest and sleep more.  Do not be a workaholic; find someone to do the work for you.
  • Relax while you watch people at the park, shopping mall, or at McDonald’s.
  • Save your money for a rainy day and for your retirement.  Pinch your pennies, and when you see a penny, pick it up!
  • Eat good food in small quantities instead of budget food in huge quantities.  You can lose weight this way.
  • Read everything you see – magazines, newspapers, books, and posters. You can open up your mind to the world.
  • Start a hobby that will not be costly. Collecting shells, writing journals or recipe books, composing music or poetry, and catching colorful bugs or butterflies are possible activities; another is to gather cuttings from neighbors’ plants and grow them in your garden.
  • Do repairs around the house. Do you think you can walk around with a hammer to pound in loose nails, replace termite-eaten boards, or use cement to replace those loose rocks in your garden walls?
  • Play music and dance whenever possible. This can be your exercise while you work in the kitchen or do your general housecleaning and yard work. Create your own dance style.

Good luck in the new year 2015! And remember your resolutions for continuing happiness throughout the next 360 days!


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