Traffic Accidents and Deaths Provoke Nanakuli-Maile Neighborhood


A well-attended meeting of the Nanakuli-Maile Neighborhood Board convened on Monday, September 11, 2017, to hear and discuss residents’ concerns related to the Department of Transportation improvement plans for Farrington Highway.  Farrington Highway has been the scene of numerous car accidents and pedestrian deaths in Nanakuli and Maile, and the community feels these occurrences could have been prevented.  An area study of the highway from Pohakunui (Black Rock) to Kili Drive (Makaha Surfing Beach) was done to determine the number of unsignalized crosswalks, bus stops, and pedestrian accidents involving crosswalks.  The study also covered bus ridership and accident data, and traffic and pedestrian volume.  A significant finding revealed the existence of twenty-six pedestrian walks that lacked signals.

The majority of residents attending the meeting expressed concern and opposition to the removal of the bus stop and shelter fronting the Sack n’ Save mall, a bus transfer center out of Nanakuli.  It was noted that this stop meets the needs of disabled people on wheelchairs because of its shelter.  Many felt that the kapuna who use this stop would be confused if it disappeared.  Another resident protested that a one-day survey of the location’s usage does not qualify to detemine the relocation of the bus stop.

The Neighborhood Board unanimously moved to oppose the proposal to remove or relocate sidewalks and bus stops with the exception of the removal of Bus Stop 629 (near Milikami Street).

Other complaints that were voiced:

  • All sidewalks, an extension of the asphalt roadway, are uneven without curb markings.
  • The intersection at Lualualei Homestead Road, a curvy stretch of road, is used by large trucks that travel at high speed heading toward Farrington Highway.
  • Speeding monitors are needed.
  • Blinking lights were allocated in a $500,00 funding, but none have been installed, leaving dangerous crosswalks.

The board also discussed the progress of the Waianae Emergency Access Road (WCEAR) which will use Helelua Street instead of Haleakala Avenue.  Permission is still needed for the use of several private properties while the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands still conducts technical studies of cultural sites, and environmental assessments (EA) are pending.  To date, the Helelua Community Association has not given permission to allow plans to enter through its private property; and the Door of Faith Church, which may be a part of the access road, pointed out that it was not included in the planning process and does  not support the plan.

The Nanakuli-Maile Neighborhood Board will meet again on October 17, 2017, at Ka Waihona O Ka Na’Auao PCS  Cafeteria,   89-195 Farrington Highway, Waianae, 7:00 P.M. – 9:30 P.M.  The agenda includes updates of the Nanakuli Public Library, the Nanakuli Village Center, and the U.S. Army Garrison unexploded ordinance cleanup of Makua Beach.  The public is invited to attend and participate in the meeting.


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