Waianae High School Students Give To Their Community


For the months of November and December the Waianae High School student government is conducting a food drive. They will donate all the canned goods to the needy right before Christmas.

Story Night is a monthly project for the students of various clubs and organizations, such as the Honor Society, ROTC, and Drama Club, on campus. On these nights these students stage a skit or show for the school’s literacy program. At first the students just told the story, but now they act it out to make it more appealing. Besides watching the show the children are able to do craft work and are given a book to take home.

Current Story Nights are scheduled for November 29 and December 13 at 6 P.M. in the school library. All children and their parents are welcome to attend. Santa Claus will make a surprise appearance at the December event.


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