Oneula Beach Park Users Heat Up Ewa Neighborhood Board Meeting


Oneula Beach Park in Ewa brought on heated discussions concerning its usage and improvement at the November meeting of the Ewa Neighborhood Board #23 last year. Complaints were made about the homeless and cleanup of the park, further improvements by Haseko, and the fence put up by the state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources to block vehicular traffic. Because surfers and fishermen have to walk long distances to reach their spots since the driving path has been blocked, these groups requested the reopening of the pathway. The fence was constructed originally to “rehabilitate” the area by curbing illegal dumping and restricting homeless encampment. Concerns were also voiced about future plans for a fishing tournament in the area which are uncertain because of these restrictions. Assurances were made that ongoing improvements and the monthly cleanup done by the Lyons Club, HPD, Weed and Seed, and the State would upkeep the park.

The next meeting for the Ewa Neighborhood Board #23 will be held on Thursday, January 10, 2013, at 7 P.M. at the Ewa Beach Public Library located at 91-950 North Road, Ewa Beach. Topics for new business are:

  • Ewa Beach Community Center Grant Improvement
  • Mobi PCS 100 Foot Antenna Installation at West Loch Fairways
  • Hoakalei Cultural Foundation Update
  • State Legislative Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Request and Recommendations for Ewa Beach (Deadline-January 16, 2013)

Following each presentation above, people are allowed to ask questions or discuss the topic. For more information contact the following:


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